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All submissive males and slaves deserve a good dose of humiliation on a regular basis to keep them in line. It keeps them humble and makes sure they remember their place in the world of a dominant female. All superior females and powerful women know that humiliating their slaves will ensure they are always obedient and stops them getting any funny ideas about not doing as they are told.

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Humiliation Chats
For subs who use live femdom cams then this is the best female domination webcam site on the internet and the Dommes on here will dish out humiliation online that will make you squirm, cause your cheeks to burn bright red and leave you feeling totally dejected and degraded.
There are hundreds of gorgeous dominant women available 24/7 and each one is a strict dominatrix and a cruel Mistress. They do not give a toss about your well being or how humiliated you are. Your shame is not their problem. All they care about is laughing at your expense and making you feel as ridiculous as possible. These are mean bitches online and they want to totally and utterly degrade you as much as possible.

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Maybe they will use forced feminisation on you and make you dress up like a woman? Stockings, high heels, panties, frilly dress and make up. Then she will make you parade around for her. Have you place a book on your head and practice walking like a lad. Or get on your knees and shove a dildo down your throat and deep throat it.

Give that big rubber cock a blow job like the slut you are. Perhaps she will make you take pictures and send them to her. All sorts of degrading poses and when she has your snaps you have no idea what she will do with them. Maybe she will give you a live blackmail webcam scenarios session? She has your pictures and can make you do anything she wants.See more of our online bdsm cams here

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She can have you perform anal training and fuck your slutty ass with a vibrator till you can barely walk straight. Or she can make you get in your car and go put gas in while dressed. She owns you and can do any thing she wants to you.
Or maybe she will lock your cock in a plastic prison and become your online chastity key holder.

Nothing is more humiliating for a male than having to beg for the privilege of cumming. To have to plead and grovel for some thing that real men do with out thinking. Days, weeks or even months she will keep your dick locked away safely with out granting you relief. Making you beg every time you see her for an online femdom webcam session.

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After no more than a day you will be willing to do any thing to be unlocked and she can make you do the most degrading things possible. It is a well known fact that men think with their dicks and even though you are not a real man, you can still be controlled by cutting off your orgasms. Using orgasm denial is a popular way for a cruel Mistress to amplify her humiliation online sessions with you. She can have you lick the toilet seat, pour cold custard all over yourself, pimp your mouth out as a cheap cock sucking cum whore or any other number of things.All of our live kinky cams online are available 24/7 for those who know they just have to be degraded 247
Maybe she will use small penis humiliation and make you stand there with your hands behind your back as she launches insults at you that make your bottom lip tremble and tears form in your eyes. Calling you a maggot dick loser and a tiny cock faggot. She will have you measure your penis against small objects such as aaa batteries, baby carrots, biro lids or chipolata sausages.

Maybe she will show you pictures of real big dicks and real men. She knows how much you lust after her and how much you desire her. But it will never happen. Superior females like the live dommes on this site want proper men with huge cocks who can satisfy them properly, not limp dick losers who do not even know what they are doing. You are nothing but a two pump chump who will never satisfy a woman like her. All you get is sph cams and end less ridicule.

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Maybe she will keep it simple. Make you get on your knees and worship her feet. Kissing and caressing every inch of her delicious foot. Taking great care to worship every single toe and kissing them each. Rubbing them and massaging them while she sits and insults you. Crawling on your knees to kiss her feet is extremely degrading but as a submissive man you know this is your place in life and she will discard you if you do not obey 100% so you suck it up.
There are hundreds of live dominatrix webcam dommes available 24/7. This is the best femdom webcams site on the internet with mean bitches online of all ages and ethnicities. What ever kind of woman you fantasise about serving, she can be found on here, ready to dish out severe humiliation online and brutal degradation to hapless, pathetic slaves. You have been warned